Course Description
Succession Planning is the process of defining identifying and developing internal talent. Organisations that implement effective succession planning and career development ensure business continuity while motivating and retaining their talent.

Every individual has unique capabilities and talent. Organizations do their best to attract and retain talent and hence talent management is a crucial aspect. Talent management is the process of managing and retaining the current top performers and attracting the new individuals to attain high performance in accordance to company’s goals.

Using 9 Block grid, talent is evaluated on two aspects: potential and performance. The track record or previous performance of the employee forms the basis for his or her selection for a particular role. But talent management also looks into the potential of the employee to evaluate how an employee will perform if appropriate skills are made available. The nine box model of talent management specifies the categories of employees depending upon the various potential levels plotted against performance levels.

2 day

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • HR Partners

Learning Objectives

  • Key issues, risks and challenges for talent management
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Introduction to 9 Block tool  – Talent Management
  • Talent identification activities using 9 Block tool
  • Effective recruitment processes to attract talented individuals
  • Performance management processes – writing SMART objectives
  • Develop career paths and development plans
  • Measure the effectiveness of talent management