Course Description
Leadership Skills entails variety of topics for leaders who are new to the management role or who have influence over others. The focus is on knowing yourself – strengths as well as opportunities – and how your behavior affects those around you. 
This workshop is highly interactive facilitation. The formats will include:

  • MBTI Assessment
  • Group discussions
  • Role play exercises
  • Exposure to leadership theories
  • Action plan

Target Audience

Team Manager, People Managers, Potential Leaders

Course Duration:
2 day

Learning Objectives

Understanding Leadership

  • Understanding of leadership theories
  • Effective leader attributes
  • Enhance your natural style as an effective leader
  • Task, team and individual

Understanding Your Personality with MBTI Assessment

  • Complete a MBTI questionnaire
  • 4 dichotomies of the MBTI
  • Confirm your “Best-Fit” Type
  • E–I: your attitude towards the world
  • S–I: your preferred way of taking in information
  • T–F: your way of making decisions
  • J–P: your lifestyle
  • Your Leadership Style

Your leadership style – analysis

  • How it helps to develop and lead
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses, this will help the leaders to lead effectively and develop strong teams

Motivating Others

  • Motivation and leadership connection
  • How to motivate self and others to achieve business results
  • Motivation theory

Feedback and Coaching

  • Importance of feedback & coaching for Manager
  • Feedback & coaching techniques
  • Coaching – on a day-to-day basis
  • Coaching conversation which focus on transformational behavioral change